Fire detection

Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems are obligatory for all buildings and areas for which a fire risk assesment has determined that they are needed. In practice, they are obligatory for larger buildings such as hotels, industrial buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

Rules on fire detection

According to the Croatian Rules on fire detection systems which prescribe all technical and other requirements regarding fire detection systems, there are mandatory and non-mandatory components to the system. The mandatory ones are automatic fire sensors, a fire panel and a power supply unit. The non-mandatory ones are manual call points, sirens, input/output modules, telephone relays, etc.

The fire detection panel

The fire detection panel, the „brains“ of the entire fire detection system, features microprocessors which instantly react to every impulse the components send to the panel, in order to advise the person in charge as soon as possible.

UTC Fire & Security

UTC Fire & Security, a vendor whose main partner for Croatia and the region is Partner Elektrik GE, offers innovative fire detection solutions which are in accordance with local fire protection laws and norms. Moreover, they offer several types and options of fire detection systems, fit for any building requiring the installation.


We offer a basic solution in the form of an addressable system in accordance with all Croatian and international laws and norms. Moreover, thanks to the fact that we collaborate with several European manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of prices and solutions. Apart from our main partner UTC Fire & Security, we also work with Bulgarian vendors UniPOS and Andy which offer fire protection systems at an affordable price, and the German vendor Detectomat who offers aesthetically pleasing solutions for hotels, at a somewhat bigger price.

Complex Systems

Furthermore, along with simpler solutions, UTC Fire & Security offers fire panels which can be connected into much lager and more complex systems with fire brigade notification, etc. These type of systems are designed due to the reason that investors wish to provide the best protection for their employees and their assets.

Surveillance room

The entire fire detection system is connected to a unique point of surveillance where an operator can track system events using a graphical interface software. It can also be connected to other security systems, such as burglary, access control, and videosurveillance, which allows the operator to maintain an overview of all events and all systems in his building.